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Enjoy. :)

Me and over 200 Animators participated in the Moon Animate Make Up Project which is a collaborated remake of an episode of Sailor Moon. Seeing everyone’s styles here is awesome! It was great fun being a part of a project like this and I hope you enjoy it!

This was great!

In case noone has told you yet. Lady Josephine Montilyet is a bi romance in Inquisition. I think you might like to know.

OH THANK GOODNESS! She is a cutie patootie. But still, I liked Cassandraaaa! Also Vivienne. I like all the ladies and wanna romance them all without having to make a dude character. 

Finished all my projects and my essay final so now I’m going to play this god awful game as a reward

Finished all my projects and my essay final so now I’m going to play this god awful game as a reward



Fire drill by Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund


This entire time I thought my hands weren’t steady enough to draw on my tablet, because drawing took forever and my lines were always super messy to the point where clean up took forever. But then I realized that the nib tip on my tablet pen was so worn down on the side that it was affecting my lines and I just tried out all the different types of nibs that came with my tablet the first time I got it and I’m freaking out on how quick and smooth I can draw now, but I’m also angry on how stupid I am to use a damaged nib for so long and not notice. 

, #Like seriously it's been years and I never changed out that nib! #It was so ruined #but I just assumed I was a shit artist so I never bothered to check #now i gotta update my comic! Or try too #Nothing has been happening in my life worth mentioning so I've had no insparation #I really need to start doing another comic...
Dude I found you on Wing Ma'am :p

I totally forgot about that app! I tried it when it first came out to try and find some new friends when it first came out, but there was literally none close to me. (Closest was an hour away) and all the events were extremely far and only bar related. Maybe it got better, but I’m moving in 2 months so I don’t care to check it out. Sorry, you found a dead account!